Eyelash Extensions

Get those lushes eyelashes you just cant get on your own, add some color to your eyelashes or eyebrows, or get some beautiful eyelash extensions.

All our sets are determined by number of lashes and time allocated for application. A complimentary consult will be done prior to your service to determine your choice of lashes.

Saffron Day Spa

Teaser Set (30min)                                                   $50.00 +
Perfect for a one time treatment for a special
occasion or to see how this will enhance your
eyes.  20 lashes per eye.  Please come in for
complimentary consult on all our eyelash treatments

Lash  FullSet (60-90 min)                                               $80+
Good-bye to your mascara.  Imagine waking
up  with your eyes looking  amazing .
An absolute eye enhancer.


Eyelash Fill (30-45 min)                                                $50.00+
Keep your lashes looking great with a 4-6
week Lash Fill.
Eyelash Touch Up (20-30 min)                                     $20.00+
In between your fills you may have a special
occasion, or event in which you need your
lashes looking like new.  Freshen them up with a
quick touch up. 10-20 lashes


Enhance your Enhancements
Vibrant Color                                                                   $20 – $25
Fun and Funky
Red                     Purple
Yellow                 Orange
Blue                    Brown


Eyelash Bling                                                                  $2.00/lash
Custom Colored Glitter


Eyelash Tinting                                                              $25.00
Top and Bottom.  Black, Blue/Black, Brown
Eyebrow Tinting                                                              $30.00
Black, Brown,


The Complete Package
Everything You Need                                                    $175.00 +
Includes Full Lash Set, Black Tint, Brow
Wax, Brow Tint


Saffron Day Spa